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Osun State Chapter, 2020 Community Impact

TMM - IMG 20200320 WA0035

TMM - IMG 20200320 WA0035

Osun State Chapter, 2020 Community Impact was a success.

The above mentioned event took place on 20th in March 2020, @ 4:00 pm GMT+1. Where a team of 15 participants paid a courtesy visit to Covenant Orphanage Home located at Moro, Ife North, Osun state where we met over 70 children between the ages of 6 months to 7 years which included 5 teenagers between the age of 13-18 years.

TMM - IMG 20200621 WA0037

During the visitation, some educative and soul lifting activities such as playing of games, quizes with prizes attached and also singing of songs and encouraging words were shared with the children. To cap it up, we also extended our support to the orphanage home with some food items such as cartoons of noodles, cartons of biscuits, spaghetti. Also, some daily needs packs such as Pampers, slippers, panties, detergents and tissue paper were also donated to the home.

TMM - IMG 20200621 WA0041

Indeed it was a great success as we go feedback from the administrators of the orphanage home and they expressed their heartfelt gratitude as their children were elated and the gifts were timely according to their words.

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